My name is Bernd Grosseck. I live near Graz in Styria (Austria). One of the things that sparked my interest in getting started with photography as a teenager was something my old geography teacher said. He said that people who own a camera, or take photographs, see much more, and go through life with a far more attentive attidude, than people who don´t have a camera. This fits with a quote by the US documentary photographer Dorothea Lange:  "the camera is an instrument that teaches people how to see without a camera". I still stand behind this sentence 100% today: if you have a "trained" eye, you are instinctively always looking for a special subject. This means that you pay attention to lots more things around you or when you are travelling. As a result, I can only recommend that children are given the chance to see the world through the lens of a camera at an early age.


With regard to the sentence "The only constant in life is change", I am currently dealing with lots of changes in my professional life at the moment. I am working in the banking industry. At present, there are lots of challenges there, but these challenges are also associated with exciting, interesting professional tasks. Recently, even in my free time I have realised that I would like to develop my photography skills.


Consequently, I have now tried ever-harder to find a personal "look" for my images. In addition, I have also really got to grips with photography in general, its various facets and many of its exponents. For example, I have been fascinated by the work of Michael Kenna and Franco Fontana for many years. After I visited an exhibition at the Hundertwasserhaus in Vienna some years ago, where the wonderful pictures by Saul Leiter were on display, I delved into numerous American artists like  Robert Frank, Fred Herzog, William Eggleston, Elliot Erwitt  and many more. In terms of French artists, the work of  Robert Doisneau, Jean Loup Sieff, Brassai  and Henri Cartier-Bresson,... is a constant inspiration to me. Of the Austrians, I would like to mention Inge Morath and Josef Hoflehner. I could continue this line-up for a long time because there are many, many artists who motivate me with their fantastic work and approaches. This means that I am also constantly looking for new approaches and designing my compositions in a more conscious manner. 


My photographic focus is currently minimalist landscape photography (with my project "minimal scenery": "colour" and "monochrome" pictures). "Urban still lifes" and a certain amount of street photography are the other two photographic areas that excite me at the moment. My current project; "Graz is it? It is!":  urban still life and urban street life.  See more on the portfolio site. 



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  • Cameras: Sony A7r III, Leica M10, Sony RX 100 VI

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